Monday, October 27, 2014

Volleyball, Running, More Protein!

Last night was an awesome night of volleyball, we finally played really well together and won all of our games!!!  I still can't believe how I can jump indoor, I honestly can't say that I prefer sand over indoor or vice versa.  Having the ability to jump and get above the net is empowering.  I so wish I could do that in the sand!  Then again I don't dive indoor like I do outdoor, there are positives for both :)

I had multiple hits but the best one was when I was playing setter.  The other team hit the ball center net and I couldn't resist, I jumped up and slammed that ball!  My team was surprised, I was surprised, my confidence is growing indoor and I am almost anxious for Sunday nights :)

Today I ran 2.5 miles, it was very warm out, 77 degrees.  With the sun beating down on me I was drenched in sweat about a mile in, I didn't feel the greatest.  Kyle and I had a really good chest and back workout on Saturday, I'm still extremely sore today.  The run loosened me up but I could feel the soreness throughout the entire run, I was so happy when I got done.  9:32 for my mile splits, it will be nice the entire week and I look forward to getting in a couple more runs.

For my afternoon protein shake I had the V-Core Vantage orange creamsicle, O.M.G.  Ever had Orange Julius?  Well it tastes pretty much exactly like that, no joke.  This is definitely becoming a favorite protein for me, blends well, no chunks at all and the flavors are so amazing.  

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