Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Indoor Season Begins & Shoulder Day

Indoor volleyball started on Sunday.  It is the first time I've played indoor in YEARS.  I was a little nervous, just not sure if my timing would be off, how my serves would be, diving on the gym floor instead of sand.

I really didn't need to be nervous, it was awesome!  My timing was spot on, I can jump so damn high and get pretty far above the net.  My hits were great, no missed serves, it was a BLAST!!!!

I am so, so happy that I was asked to be on a team and that I said yes.  Year round volleyball is like a dream for me, I wish I would have tried to get on an indoor team before this year.  We didn't win any games but at least they were close, we are a team that hasn't played together before, we just need to figure out our groove :)

Yesterday was my favorite lifting day, shoulders!  I was not able to lift as heavy as I would have liked, lost some strength from not being consistent.  It will come back quickly though.  Kyle is changing things up and man can I feel it today!

I was happy to see the awesome pump I got in my shoulders, really, really loving the new pre-workout I'm using, Rhino and the NX6!

Early mornings for lifts, the darkness is making it tough to get up, but I'm getting it done and it really helps having Kyle making sure I do get up and going with me :)

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