Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seasons Change - Life Changes

It seems like with the change of seasons there also come life changes.  This fall has been full of big changes for me, one major change.  My best friend, soul brother, workout partner and so much more has moved to Florida.  Before the move he was very sick and we weren't able to go to the gym together at all the entire month before his move.  I went and tried my best to stay on course.

The past week has not been a good week for my workouts or my nutrition.  I've let myself slip up, a LOT.  I am not angry with myself, I am not beating myself up over it.  I knew I needed some time to really absorb everything that was happening around me.  David leaving, my own health scare, the end of another sand volleyball season, work stresses (which are so rare for me), I let it all consume me.

I apologized to Kyle last night for how I've been lately, seemingly unmotivated, crying all the time and not very positive.  Rather than him telling me what I've been doing wrong he simply said, "it's ok, I know you will snap out of it, I love you".  

Everyone deals with changes differently, I hate change, well not changes in my body as I continue to workout of course!  When I am comfortable with my life and something changes and makes me uncomfortable I just can't stand it.  Sometimes I wish I handled things differently but I am who I am.  I need those few days to really let the reality set in before I can move forward.

It is time for me to move forward, dig deep and get back on track.  Kyle has his regular schedule so we are able to go to the gym together every morning.  Indoor volleyball begins on Sunday, I know that I am healthy, Bella turns 8 in a few days, so much to be happy for.

This journey is so intense sometimes.  There are days when I get too tired and too emotional for the gym and there is nothing wrong with that.  Take the time you need to adjust to changes and know that the gym is always there, waiting for you.

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