Monday, April 28, 2014

Volleyball Insanity

Last night was the first night of sand volleyball.  I was so, so excited to start playing again!

The weather DID NOT cooperate.  It was beautiful on Friday and Saturday, then the storms came.  I play doubles at five and four's at six, at 4:30 the tornado sirens were going off.  Bella was so worried and didn't want me to go to volleyball, but when you play at Volley's it is seriously hardcore and they don't cancel.  I'm sure if there was actually a tornado in Cedar Rapids heading straight for them then they would, but other than that they are open.

I got there and it was pouring down rain.  I wore a long pair of running tights, a dry fit tank top with a dry fit long sleeve shirt over it.  Like dry fit even mattered, lol :)

We won all three of our doubles games, the best start to the season!  Chris commented on how much faster I am this year, I told him I am in awesome shape and that this will be our best season yet!  When doubles was over we were soaked to the bone and it was getting colder.

I was not looking forward to four's, into the first game it had started sleeting.  We did play all three games, lost one, but at least won the other two.  I wanted to take a picture afterwards but my hands were frozen and I wasn't even sure how I was going to be able to drive home.

I had towels in my car, wrapped my feet up, blasted the heat and just sat in my car for a while.  I called Kyle, who was just baffled that we actually played for two hours in that weather, told him to have a hot shower ready for me and that I was going to need help showering and getting out of my clothes.

I couldn't feel my feet, could barely feel my fingers but safely made it home.  I headed straight for the shower fully clothed, my clothes were covered in sand and they needed a rinse before I could even take them off.  Kyle had to help me, it was so sad, I've never been so frozen to the bone like I was.

After getting all of the sand rinsed off he even put the plug in the bathtub so my feet would be in warm water, they were so cold that they just made that water cold.  I showered for a very long time in that hot water.

Then it was time for some Emergen C, hot tea, soup and bed.

What a crazy start to the season, but we started it off well and hopefully we won't have another night like that one!

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