Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back To the Heavy

This week I went up to four sets and 8-10 reps, back to the heavy weight!  I didn't mind lifting lighter weights with more reps for a few weeks but I'm not gonna lie, I really prefer lifting heavy :)

Today I felt so STRONG and really pushed myself.  I want to see some real growth over the next few months!  I've been lifting alone, I can't wait for when Kyle is able to start going with me again and pushing me even harder.  I find myself constantly correcting my form and really thinking about each muscle I'm working as I lift.  I do miss my trainer though, just anxious for schedules to get set and get into more of a normal routine again.

My nutrition has been pretty good, still need to eat more though.  I hadn't had sweet potato in quite a while and added that in again this week.  I forgot how much I love sweet potato :)  I cooked them in a crock pot on Sunday, I will never cook them another way again!  Just wash them, poke some holes in em and thrown them in the crock pot for 6-8 hours on low.  SO easy and I was able to use the oven during that time for other yummy stuff like chicken breast and roasted veggies.

I've gotten used to the early morning workouts and man am I glad, I really do love getting it done in the morning and having the evenings completely free.  As a mom, there really is no other way, unless I could get in my workouts during the day while Bella is at school but there is that little thing called work that needs me during the day :)

There are only three weeks left of sand volleyball :(  I am anxious for the indoor season, hopefully I do alright, looking forward to having more of a vertical at least :)

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