Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jump Rope

While trying to find other fun things to do for cardio I decided to start jump roping.  How in the heck did we do it so much as kids and just for fun???

Believe me it is fun but holy crap I need to build up my stamina for it.  Today was a day to just see how I would do.  I only lasted about 15 minutes and had to take breaks but I got in 563 jumps.  It really was fun and tiring, I was sweating my butt off!

Time to find some jump rope workouts and keep them in rotation for my cardio workouts.  Go out and buy a jump rope and have some fun while burning those calories :)

I didn't get anything special, just a Champion jump rope from Target and downloaded the app Jump Rope Workout.  I just put my phone in my armband and wore it on my forearm and started jumping away, it worked wonderfully.

Here's to jump roping and getting a LOT more jumps!

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