Thursday, September 4, 2014

Balance IS Possible

Currently my Facebook feed and Instagram is full of pictures and posts of competitors readying themselves to hit the stage soon or competing on stage.  Posts about the final weeks of prep and hard work being put in.  I LOVE it and it makes me that much more excited for my next competition, which is still eight months away.

The majority of the women I am friends with and follow are posting with excitement.  Their preps are going well, they aren't starving themselves or doing countless hours of cardio, they are enjoying their families while putting in the hard work in the early hours before everyone else is awake or late at night while everyone else sleeps.  

Then there have been other posts popping up of women who had competed and no longer choose to do so.  That is completely fine if someone decides that competing isn't for them, it is difficult to find balance, I completely understand that.  What I don't understand are the other comments put into these posts.  Multiple women have posted that their families are more important than a trophy or standing on stage, stressing over macros isn't worth it, teaching their kids about balance is more important.

As a competing mother, what they say sometimes hits me the wrong way.  I'm sure none of these women intend to come across as better mothers for choosing to step away from the stage.  Clearly their personal journeys to the stage were not good ones and maybe they personally just can't find that balance to be able to participate in such a tough sport as a competitor while teaching their children about balance in life and working hard for your dreams.

We all have dreams and they can change at any time.  I am so happy that I have found balance so that I can compete, work a full time job that is not within the fitness industry, be a wonderful mother, wife, and friend all while achieving things I have always dreamed of.

It IS possible.  With the right trainer, coach, support system and plan you can truly achieve anything.  For me that means getting up at 4:30am to train at the gym, doing cardio on my lunch hour or going for a run in the evening, meal prepping on Sundays and having Bella help me.  Another big help is obviously having my husband for my trainer/coach and he supports me 110%, without him this journey would be much more difficult, without a doubt.  I can't imagine not having that kind of support at home, Bella sees that support and she loves it, she chooses to be just as supportive and proud.

It isn't all about trophies and placings, if it truly was only about that I would not compete.  I have not earned a first place or even a second place, I have competed in categories where I didn't even place.  This journey is fun for me and this sport speaks to my competitive nature.  I will always be active in the gym and becoming a figure competitor is just the icing on the cake.

So to all those mothers out there that choose to compete in a healthy way and maintain balance in their lives for their families and themselves, kudos to you!  It is HARD, like a lot of other sports, the mothers out there doing what they love and teaching their kids about living a healthy balanced life while achieving their dreams, you all amaze me!  I am proud to be part of that group of women!

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