Monday, September 29, 2014

Product Reviews!

Currently I am able to try some samples of some amazing product, lucky me!!!!  Seriously, I'm like a kid at Christmas right now trying this stuff out.  Makes me more excited for each workout, although I am excited for them anyway with the new schedule but the new products make it that much more exciting :)

So first up is a pre-workout called Rhino Revolution, I tried the fruit frenzy flavor.  I enjoyed the flavor a lot, not too tart and easy to down quickly.  It was very easy on my tummy and very different from any other pre-workout I've tried.  Different in that it gave me a slight tingle feeling, nothing too crazy and I could honestly feel the boost of energy.  I didn't feel like I was going to hulk out it was just a nice energy boost and I felt it through my entire workout.  One thing I really love about this product is the ingredient list, it isn't insanely long and there is no sugar, no sugar!  I think I've just found a new pre-workout that I am going to have to keep stocked in our supplement cupboard.

With the pre-workout I also tried NX6, this combined with the Rhino gave me a phenomenal pump and the vascularity was AH-MAZING!  When my veins are popping that is when I know I am really getting a good pump, my blood is flowing and my muscles are working hard!  My energy level and strength were at a whole different level, love, love, love this combo of supplements!

I don't normally take anything during the day for energy, I'm a coffee person.  I have come to realize though that coffee in the morning is fantastic, I just need to have that delicious smell, the warm drink with my stevia and a little bit of creamer, it makes me happy.  During the day however it is just a bit much for me to continue drinking coffee throughout the day, you won't find me drinking soda either.  At least not every day, I do like to have a Diet Coke here and there we all know I am not one to completely cut things out if I truly enjoy them.

I did try out Prime Drive and loved it.  I had the strawberry melon flavor, delish, I highly recommend it.  I decided to try it out yesterday before volleyball as I was sitting at my sisters house at a birthday party watching some football.  I was feeling tired, I ate some yummy food and needed a boost.  There is no sugar in it, again a HUGE plus for me and it did give me a nice little energy boost.  With coffee in the afternoon I will get a boost of energy but then I crash, there was no crash with this product.

I really can't wait to continue trying out new products, flavors of protein and sharing my experience with everything.  Head to your nearest Complete Nutrition store, they always have samples ready for you to try in the store.  So much better to try something out before buying it, especially if you aren't sure if you will like a flavor.  If you do buy a product there and it doesn't work for you, you can return it and try something else, another huge plus :) 

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