Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ab Ripper X and a Run

Last night my workout was P90X's Ab Ripper X and then a 30 minute run with my brother Larry.  I left work a bit late, picked up Bella, stopped at Target and rushed home to get the Ab Ripper X done before the run.

Of course Larry shows up while I'm finishing Ab Ripper X, so I knew it would be a tough run.  I must say out of any ab workout, Ab Ripper X is my FAVORITE.  It is so hard, honestly, but it goes so fast and you do over 300 ab moves.  I didn't even try to do the V-Ups though, the only set I skipped!

So then it was time to run, I realized Kyle had my car with my iPod in it so we had to wait for him to get home. He gets there, I have my chip plugged into the iPod, can't find my headphones so I had to use an old pair.

Larry and I start out on our run, I realize I put the wrong chip in my iPod, so no Nike+ for us, but we were running based on times not miles so I wasn't too upset, although I do like to know my pace so I was irritated.  Then I hit play for the music and the headphones didn't work!

It was a pretty quiet run for me, Larry and I chatted a bit by my abs were so sore from the workout that just running without the chatting was enough for me :)  It had been about three weeks since I've ran and I felt amazing, it was a great run.  I did start to get covered in goosebumps right at the end, so obviously I was dehydrated after 30 minutes, the heat and humidity here in the summer is what kills me on runs.

My IT band felt great on the run, then it was pretty sore afterwards.  I have another run scheduled for Thursday night and then the Run the Flood race on Saturday, my last run for quite a while.

Today I'm pretty damn sore, my abs are like OWWWWWW, but in a good way.  I haven't started the full on dieting yet but I am making sure I have a protein shake in the mornings, this weekends grocery shopping will be me stocking up on my fuel foods and starting the entire process.

I got Kyle set up with the website promoting the show, we now have all the rules and regulations.  It is crazy, this is a natural show so I will have to do a polygraph test and a urinalysis to prove I haven't taken any enhancers.  Seeing the photos of previous shows helped me out a lot, I'm super excited and think that I will do well with this and can't wait to see the changes with my body.

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