Monday, June 4, 2012

Second huge goal.....

Well I completed a half marathon in April, now my training has officially began for the body fitness competition in October.

I'm so lucky to have my own trainer living with me, he even has been given permission to get mean with me and make sure I'm eating right, doing all my workouts and also having fun.

Tonight we took photos of me in a bikini, scary, not quite as bad as I thought it would be, did measurements and body fat.  I had a thought in my head of what I thought my body fat would be, I was pleasantly surprised :)

My body fat starting this journey is 19%!!!!  Woo hoo, I was expecting it to be at least 25%.

Tonights workout was the P90X Core Synergistics, love, love that workout, such a great one for me to start with.  My strength is so bad though, I can do 7 stacked foot, staggered arm push ups though, that made me happy, now when I can post that I did 7 prison cell push ups, I'll be super duper happy!

The biggest challenge for me with this will be the dieting, I LOVE food, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE food, especially greasy, deep fried food.  I will get to eat a lot of food just mainly, chicken, fish, some red meat and veggies, eggs, pretty much consuming protein in nearly every bite I take.

Thankful for the support I have around me while I embark on this huge goal, this is something I know I am made for, literally.  I love weight training and my body does too, just so, so happy to be getting this really started and working my butt off to try to place in the top 5 for my first show :)

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