Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inhaler Please Help Me

Today was my appointment with my amazing doctor, seriously I love this woman.  She first asks me how Kyle is, which new job did he go with and has Bella fully recovered from her strep throat :)  I just love that she knows us all so well, she really feels like a great friend and a doctor, we are lucky!

Now onto the appointment, she is hopeful that my issues may be allergy/asthma related.  I will be picking up an inhaler tonight to use before volleyball this weekend, we have a doubles tournament on Friday and our regular Sunday night games.  If the inhaler doesn't work this weekend I have to let my doctor know next week.

After that she would contact my cardiologist, let him know what is going on and what steps we have taken to get me feeling better.  Then I would have to have an ultrasound of my heart so they can check on my "bad" valve.  I have mitral valve regurgitation along with the syncope, I shouldn't read things online because it usually scares me, but I did.  The only thing that worries me is that my symptoms seem to be right on with the valve getting worse.  That scenario would require open heart surgery, so obviously I am beyond hopeful that this weekend the inhaler does the trick.

Last night I was still feeling crappy so my trainer let me just plant the flowers he had gotten me for Mother's Day in our huge flower garden.  It was beautiful out last night, 72 and not humid!

Looking forward to actually working out today after I go take care of my beauties May and River, aka the sweet horses that still need a couple of amazing families to adopt them! :)

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