Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Photos & Tired

Angie, myself and Larry, ready to run!

Hehe, Larry making his sister happy by posing silly with me :)

Bella being all cute waiting for mommy to run by.

Here we come!

Yay, I finished, damn my IT band hurt.  Glad I did it and looking forward to my break from running.

 Love teaching her about a healthy lifestyle and giving her good examples, she is ready to be a runner :)

Tomorrow I am heading to the doctor, kind of starting over with my heat/humidity issues.  I'm tired of the cardiologist I've had for the past 12 years telling me I will outgrow the "condition" he calls Syncope.  Yes I do have that, but after this weekend today I am still feeling crappy.  Tight chest, it just feels like there is a heaviness in my chest, I am exhausted, light headed constantly.  

Again drinking as much fluids as I possibly can and taking my medication, but nothing is helping.  I'll be seeing my family doctor, I've never seen her for this condition so we'll see what she thinks about it and how we can go about possibly figuring out a better solution or if there is something else going on.

This won't hinder my weight lifting, not sure what Kyle has in store for me tonight, at least I will be working out in our nicely air conditioned house :)

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