Monday, June 11, 2012

Run the Flood Race

Well I did it, ran the race with only one week of runs prior to it and IT band syndrome.

That meant I ran the run 26 minutes slower than the last time I did it, but I ran the race with my cousin Angie and we had a great time!  It was hot, of course, super sunny and not much shade, the water stops consisted of me just dumping the cups of water over my head.  Thank god for my hydration belt (thank you trainer for making me wear it :)), I used two goo packs and drank all my Gaterade.

Afterwards we went to a bar, had some Summer Shandy and greasy food, that was the best part ;)  I will have photos to post once I get them uploaded.

Don't be shocked, but I was totally dehydrated after the race and my IT band was like a bone.  Kyle massaged it on a super comfy wooden bench, that helped a little bit, I'm just ready for this thing to get better and feel like it never will.

I also had volleyball last night, doubles at 5pm and fours at 6pm, it was 98 degrees, sunny and humid.  I felt like CRAP, I drank over 200 oz. of Powerade plus a ton of water and my pills that seem to do nothing for me at this point.  I played awful in doubles, I felt bad for Larry but we still had fun, fours was alright but I was still completely exhausted.

Feeling a tad bit better today but guess what, still DEHYDRATED!!!  Seriously when I finally see my cardiologist on July 31st, I just might smack him if he goes into his "you will grow out of this" talk, it's been 13 years and seems to be getting worse.

Enough complaining, I will continue to drink as much as I can today and hopefully stay hydrated for a bit :)

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