Friday, June 8, 2012


My wonderful trainer gave me clear instructions to do the P90X Chest & Back workout before my run last night.  Only do the first half of it, about a half hour and then run.....

Oops, I did the Chest, Back & Tricep workout instead, lifted for about 45 minutes as my trainer (aka awesome hubby) walked in and asked, "why the heck are you doing ball tosses??".  I then realized my mix up and the fact that I lifted way more than I was supposed to.

Then my "little" brother shows up and is ready for our 45 minute run in the 84 degree and HUMID weather.  I told him I might, just might have some issues on the run.  After 20 minutes of running I was covered in goose bumps, no longer sweating and cold.  NOT A GOOD SIGN.  Obviously I was completely dehydrated, I was super smart and decided NOT to wear my hydration pack.  So the way back was a run/walk for me, my brother is amazing though he would run ahead, turn around and come back to me.  He said he wouldn't leave me, even though I told him he could, because he knew if he did 1. he would be in trouble showing up at my house without me, and 2. he just wouldn't do that anyway, the thought of me passed out on the side of the road by myself was a bit much for him ;)

I have been taking my medication to help me retain fluids plus drinking lots of water, I admit I could be drinking more Gaterade so I am doing that today in preparation for tomorrow.  I have an appointment with my cardiologist on July 31st, I'm so looking forward to it and hearing him tell me that I will outgrow this, even though I've had my condition for 13 YEARS.  Sense the sarcasm please, we're thinking I need to maybe go see a different cardiologist if he tells me yet again this year I should outgrow it.

So no lifting for me tonight as I have my 7 mile race in the morning.  I'm hoping for a coolish morning and I will look so awesome with my super sweet hydration pack on tomorrow ;)  Tonight we'll be picking up our race packets and stuffing our faces with awesome pasta from Zio Johno's, I truly can't wait for that tonight!

After this race the true break from running will be happening.  I'm glad because after just these two runs this week my IT band is killing me again, obviously that didn't totally heal in the time I've taken off from running so far!  I'll only be doing sprint work to help get my legs in perfect form for the show :)

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