Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mitral Valve Regurgitation

I'm very glad I had my appointment with my cardiologist yesterday, he was hopeful I would be an easy one for him and he could figure out a simple issue going on.

Not the case, it is for sure the mitral valve regurgitation and I have to have a stress echocardiogram tomorrow morning.  They will take a picture of my heart, put me on a treadmill, take another picture after that and hopefully we will have the results Thursday afternoon or Friday.

My constant fatigue is due to this issue and the scenarios my cardiologist thinks of are all bad.  I'm pretty sure I am going to have to have heart surgery.  He is a bit worried about the chance of heart failure so no more exercise at this point, no stress and I need a lot of sleep so my heart can rest.

It seems as though life is wanting to throw as many curve balls as it can our way, we will get through this and I will be able to get back to exercise again once I am better.  If I do have heart surgery it will be a long recovery and a slow return to exercise.  That means no figure competition this year, looks like I will be waiting yet another year to complete that big goal.

Kyle is being very protective right now, I appreciate it greatly, he is the best daddy and is even more phenomenal now.  Taking care of dinners, bath time, bed time, all so I can rest at home and go to bed by about 7pm each night, how sad I go to bed that early because I am truly so exhausted from the day.

Looking forward to the test tomorrow and getting the results so we know what our next step is.

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