Wednesday, February 19, 2014

11.5 Weeks

How can I be less than 12 weeks from the competition already!!!  The time is just FLYING by!!!

Here's how I'm looking right now...

I am very, very happy with the size that I have put on.  You can't even tell in this photo how wide my chest has gotten, I'll have to make sure to get a better picture this weekend.

Tummy area is a bit "fluffy", shouldn't take long to slim that out.  I have been bad about getting my cardio in consistently.  I'm learning so many lessons on this journey, like keep up the cardio, I won't do enough for it to take away my muscles :)  Even when I begin my half marathon training on Sunday, it will help me lean out and keep me on track after the competition.

I had a really good shoulder session last night, added in something different to end the workout.  My shoulders were on FIRE and they had an amazing pump afterwards!

Today I did a 25 minute HIIT elliptical workout for lunch and will be heading to the gym after work to kill my back.  My eating is back to normal, I've got more energy and am ready to keep increasing my weights!

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