Monday, February 3, 2014

14 Weeks!!!

Just 14 weeks out, only two weeks to go before calorie changes begin!  I'm still working on growing, changing up the lifting routine just a touch.  Going from the 12-6-6-6-12 sets to five sets of 8-12 reps.  Still lifting heavy just may have to go down in weight a little bit at first.

So measurements, holy crap.  The last time we did measurements was October 1st, obviously that was extremely close to my competition so I was leaned out a lot.

Here is how much I've grown since then:
Chest - 2.8 inches
Biceps - 1 inch
Hips - 2 inches
Waist - 1.5 inches
Thighs - 2 inches
Shoulders - 3 inches!!!!!

When it comes to my chest and waist, that is where my fat went when it came back.  I'm not saying I'm fat but my tummy is squishier than it was and some of my chest was just my boobs coming back.  But I have definitely gotten much wider in my chest.

The growth I was most excited about is my shoulders, trying to grow those wings and they are coming along nicely ;)  I feel like I am making great progress, Kyle feels the same way, I think he was very much pleasantly surprised :)

One thing I hadn't really thought about, of course it is common sense but I didn't think about it.  With all of this growing my clothes are not going to fit the same.

My little sisters turn 30 on March 2nd and they are having a masquerade ball for their party on March 1st.  I have kept my prom dress from my senior year because I LOVED it and it is a classic, timeless dress.  It is a very fitted column dress, light green, open back, gorgeous.  So I decided to try it on yesterday, OH MY GOODNESS.  It is pretty tight around my hips and butt, man my butt is growing and it is tight in my chest area.

I'm going to be looking for another dress because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to wear that one :(  Taking it off was a feat, the only way it comes off is over your head and I got stuck in it!  My chest has gotten too wide, for a moment I thought we were going to have to cut the sides so I could get it off!  We got it off without having to cut it and I realized I may never be able to wear it, BOOOOOO!!!!!!  But I'm still very happy with my growth :)

Then I changed and put on a little t-shirt, that was laughable.  To see how the sleeves do not fit right anymore because of my large shoulders and biceps.  Funny day yesterday of clothes not fitting correctly thanks to my growing muscles, at least I'm growing in a good way, right? :)

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