Friday, February 14, 2014

Stuck in a Nausea World

Ugh......I haven't felt like this since I was pregnant with Bella, to be completely honest.  The nausea just will not go away, I still can't eat hardly anything, even water is upsetting my stomach.

I did go to the doctor today, she is 99.9% sure it is some sort of stomach bug and my nausea won't go away because I'm not able to eat so she prescribed me some anti nausea medication.  They also did a blood test, just to make sure it isn't something else.

I got all the questions of, when was your last period?  Did Kyle have his check up after his vasectomy?  Yes I put that out there, sorry Kyle, actually he probably won't care at all that I shared that.  Anyway, we would be 110%, totally and completely taken aback if I were somehow pregnant.

My doctor will either call my by 5pm today or not until Monday.  No one likes waiting for a phone call, one to say, your blood work was normal and there is nothing going on!

It is the stomach bug though, I know it is.  I will get my anti nausea meds after work, take them, feel better and eat some Valentine's pizza with Bella, Lauryn and Kyle.

I have lost three pounds so far, not looking to lose anymore and I'm terrifying myself by imagining that my body has now been reduced to eating the muscle I have worked so hard to build up.  Kyle tells me otherwise, I'm not that far gone ;)

So, anti nausea meds after work, pizza for dinner and tomorrow I will wake up feeling much better, have a restful day and be back in the gym Sunday.

Things WILL go that way. :)

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