Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back - In The Beer Room

Yesterday morning was a no go for me to get up early, I am really, really having issues with getting up at 4:30am :(  It might have something to do with the freezing cold weather and lack of sleep (yes still having issues).  I had errands to run last night and a Union meeting so the only time I could lift was on my lunch hour.

Thankfully we do have a weight machine at my work, and an elliptical (yes I NEED to get my HIIT training started again) and a shower.  When it gets warmer I'll be outside running on my lunch hour too :)

So yesterday was back day, I was able to do my back workout and just had to modify it a little bit.  Lat pull downs instead of pull ups, cable rows instead of dumbbell rows, it was a good workout.  I had to have the weight at 150 pounds for my shoulder shrugs, that made me feel good ;)

Exercise equipment is not the only thing in that room, there are supplies, an old juxebox and beer, lots and lots of beer.  I know, beer?!?  Well we are a Teamsters Union Hall, of course we are going to have beer ;)  I snapped a little photo in the door of our cooler, got my pump on surrounded by beer that I can't drink, training mode!

It was freezing cold in there, the heater isn't working in that area right now, it was about 43 degrees.  I WAS going to do an elliptical workout but it is only like 38 degrees in there too, the same heater heats the small bathroom with the shower.  Maybe I'll get a little cardio in tonight after legs, we shall see!

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