Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am having one wacky week!  Felt like maybe a cold was coming on, so I drank Emergen C and that definitely helped.  But still my body is betraying me!!!

Tried to sleep peacefully last night and kept waking up super nauseous, but never threw up.  Made myself get up and shower, went to work and am fighting the nausea.  My body feels very weak, which would be because I can hardly eat anything.  I am not hungry, I'm afraid if I eat my tummy will get more upset.  I do not throw up, seriously, I will fight that all the way.  But I kind of feel like there is a rock just sitting in my stomach.

I had a massage last night and didn't feel 100%, went home and helped Bella make her Valentine's Day box and the nausea set in.  Yesterday I ate my oatmeal/egg white mix, protein shake, chicken breast & mixed veggies, tilapia & broccoli.  Certainly not anything that should upset my tummy like it is.

No gym for me tonight :(  I plan on going home, finishing Bella's Valentine's box and going to bed.  I don't think I have the flu, no temperature, but man do I feel like CRAP.

It is such a helpless feeling to feel this way, I really don't want to miss my shoulder workout tonight.  Here's to hoping that tomorrow morning I wake up feeling better!

Now to continue imagining I don't feel nauseous ;)

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