Thursday, February 20, 2014

Competition Pictures!

So I didn't order photos from the competition, I debated but decided I didn't want to spend that kind of money on them.  Well the gal that won the Open class sent me a message letting me know the people who did the photos were selling the digital copies for 65% off.  I decided to go ahead and order mine.

I'm really, really glad I did.  I don't have a lot of photos from the competition, it is good to have these and see any issues with posing and other things that really need work.

The main thing I heard from the judges was to be leaner for the next competition, seeing these photos, they are absolutely right.  I was NOT lean enough and my booty, oh my booty needs some work.

I need to stress something, I am NOT sitting here picking myself apart and putting myself down.  Not in any way.  On this journey I will be changing a lot, constantly growing, losing body fat, gaining some body fat, some days I will be softer than others and that is OK.

So who wants to see some photos????  I'm not putting them ALL on here, some are multiple shots of the groups posing.

So in this one my posing is just BAD, not gonna lie, just my arms, I have them bent too much.

On the back pose I need to lean forward a bit more and lift my booty.

Side pose is good :)

Gotta get that booty LIFTED....I'm seeing more sprints in my future.

I love this shot, love my back and can't wait to see how much more defined it is for May!


These last two are my favorites, from my t-walk.  I plan to lean out more through my middle, legs and butt.  My arms and chest are great!!!

It was fun to see these photos, gives me even more drive!  Although I am trying to grow my hair out but seeing it like that in these pictures makes me just want to cut it, LOL :)

So, so happy to have these photos and I guess I better be making sure I can buy my photos from all of my competitions from here on out!

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