Tuesday, February 11, 2014

13 Weeks!!!

Time is just FLYING by!!!!  Busy, busy, busy and feeling like there are no extra moments in the day.  Now I remember why I like training so much in the morning, to have those extra hours at night.  It will happen again soon, just have to make the transition and STICK WITH IT!!!

I'm doing a three week cut right now, all to hopefully fit into my dress for Missy and Mindy's masquerade ball.  I'm not really focusing on a weight goal, just need to get my tummy flattened out and my boobs a tad bit smaller.  Big goals, especially getting the boobs smaller, LOL :)  I'm going down to 1700 calories a day this week and I'm looking forward to it!

My lifts have been so-so, my right arm is really bothering me again, damn tennis elbow.  Amazing how much that affects way more than just your elbow.  I have pain from my lower forearm that shoots through my elbow all the way up to my shoulder.  It really makes lifting difficult, my grip seems to be getting weak as well.

I'm looking good though, well I'm happy with how I'm looking anyways :)  I've been slacking though, have not been doing any posing or t-walk practice.  David and I decided that we HAVE to make it fit into our schedule no matter what, can't be neglecting that obviously.  Also in about four weeks I will be contacting a bodybuilding pro that lives here for some posing sessions, want to have some practice under my belt before then!

I have a massage tonight after work, can't wait, my right arm and shoulder are really needing it.  Lifting back on my lunch hour again, at least the heat is working in that room now, it will be a good workout :)

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