Thursday, May 9, 2013

Abs, Shoulders & Arms, A Run

My ab workout is getting changed up, doing some "fun" work in plank position, I'm amazed how tired I get doing those.  My abs are coming along nicely, all except my little area that seems to not want to be going away.  For the mom's out there that are able to get their tummies back fairly easily, you are so lucky and I am admitting that I am so jealous!  Happy for you all, but jealous ;)  I have a few friends that got theirs back quickly, they worked for them of course and bounced back nicely in a crazy amount of time.

I've been going at this since January and still haven't gotten rid of it!  My lower abs rock, getting the nice "V", never had that before in my life.  This part is really fun for me, seeing how my muscle tone looks on certain areas of my body that I've never worked so hard at before.  My upper abs are coming along nicely as well, it's that middle section that is the devil!  Can't wait until I can say that it is just muscle and the layer of fattiness is gone :)

The rest of the lifting session went well, I'm trying to take this day by day.  I have my moments of feeling like I should be further along than I am, but then I have moments of pure joy seeing where I'm at, it's such a roller coaster sometimes.  When I think of my timeline I giggle at myself, I say this a lot but it's true, still so much time to get ready!

I was supposed to go for a run on my lunch hour, my first doubles day on Tuesday.  I'm getting ready, have my sensor, chip, iPod!  Seriously Steph?!?!?  I didn't run on Tuesday, it was a downward spiral of crap for my lunch hour that day.

Yesterday I DID go for my run and my iPod worked the entire time, I was so happy to hear that voice say, .5 mile completed, 1 mile completed, etc.  It was a decent run, 80 degrees, so I felt like I got worn out quickly but 9:33 miles, I was happy with that :)

I have thought that things have been going so well for me health wise that maybe I wouldn't be so affected by the heat this year.  Sadly, not the case.  Even drinking about a gallon of water a day I still got dehydrated on my run.  Clearly we are not going to have to worry about me retaining fluids before the show.  In an odd way my health condition will be a plus for this competition, I probably won't have to completely give up water the last week.

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