Friday, May 17, 2013


I went to see my awesome chiropractor on Wednesday, it had been a while since I've been there!

It was nice to hear his comments on my muscle tone and that he can tell I've been doing a lot of weight training.  The only bad part was how strong my muscles have gotten, my traps were crazy tight and he had to really work at getting me adjusted.

But he did it, my neck was such a mess!  I'm HORRIBLE when it comes to having my neck adjusted, I tense up and think in my head that my neck is about to get broken.

Good thing I've been going to my chiro for years and he knows how I am.  All it took was him talking to me about life in general, completely distracting me and relaxing me, then, CRACK!!!!  It felt so amazing when he was done, I felt like my neck hadn't been "straight" in quite a while.

I'm so glad I chose to take this week off, see my chiro and let my body rest.  I'm looking forward to getting back at it tomorrow morning and getting a little more focused.

I've been pretty naughty this week with my food choices, one day was totally not my fault, an international rep was in town and brought myself and Kelly a disgustingly delicious lunch on Wednesday at work.  Yesterday afternoon and evening was a celebration and time to just be enjoyed with my Ya-Yas and we ate pretty badly.

Thankfully I still have 21 weeks to go for the show! :)

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