Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have no update on the horrible Max Fitness gym fiasco.  I personally emailed the mystery person that sent out that email to all members, no updates have been sent since then.  I explained my situation and that I really need a gym asap and hoped to hear from them soon with any updates.  NOTHING.

Kyle reached out to them as well and they did not respond, clearly this is a place we don't want to be a part of with their shady ways.  Seriously, I'm still completely baffled how the hell can a gym just lock up????  People can't even get their stuff out of their lockers right now!

Lesson learned AGAIN, if it sounds too good to be true, it totally is.

My hunt began for a new gym, we've got tons of them.  You can go from spending over a hundred dollars for two memberships and then I finally found one that will cost us about $50 per month for two memberships.

We don't need a pool, exercise classes, trainers, tanning beds, so much that every place charges extra for.  I get it, I do, but it's been a long time since I've had to pay for a gym membership and holy crap most of them are just outrageous with the initial fees and then membership fees on top of that.  No wonder so many people out there don't want to venture out to a gym, one you better have a lot of money to just get a membership, two the people you deal with to get your membership try to push you into everything from personal training to classes, even when you clearly stated you don't need either of those services.

I do sound like a hypocrite there because Kyle was one of those people trying to sell personal training, but usually it was when people would show interest or let him know they needed some guidance with weight training.

I'm anxious and excited to get our memberships set up at Northland Fitness.  They were so nice, straight fees for what you want, cheaper membership for those that don't want to participate in classes, didn't try pushing personal training on me, they made a great impression!  Kyle works 12 hour days this entire week so we have to wait until Saturday to go get signed up.

This past week and half has been a little crazy and weird.  I haven't really worked out and I've eaten horribly, it's taking a toll on me.  Today I've had many light headed spells, the first ones since December.  CLEARLY my body and my heart NEED me to be exercising and eating well.

Lesson learned?  I sure hope so.  Honestly I've lost a little bit of my drive, I know I'm just having a "moment" but I hope to snap out of it quickly.  Imagining myself on stage walking in a bikini and posing seems nearly impossible at this moment, I just can't picture myself getting to that spot.

Thankfully my awesome husband is able to keep texting me today to help reassure me and get me a little bit of confidence and drive back.

We're looking to have a tough cardio session tomorrow morning, I better be blogging about that tomorrow or anyone that reads this can randomly let me know what a lazy ass I'm being!

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