Thursday, May 23, 2013

Seriously?!? We Have HORRID Luck.

So the gym we go to and Kyle "works" at has been pretty strange lately.  Kyle has had clients there but Kyle wasn't paid by the gym with a check from the gym or anything, it was just odd to me how they were paying him and how they kept pushing back when they would start classes that he would be teaching.

Then some of the equipment had been moved out but they had said they would be moving stuff around to get the exercise room ready and clean up the floors in the main area of the gym.

So this week has been off for us, I didn't feel well Tuesday morning so we didn't go to the gym.  It's a good thing we didn't, I would have been pissed, the gym is now closed!  David got an email from them, we didn't because we never had to sign any membership paperwork.  David sent us the email and here it is:

As soAs some of you have seen, the owner of Max Fitness has closed the business and locked the doors. He has stated that nobody would be charged again on their account, and he told me personally that there were no more remaining prepaid memberships outstanding.
                There are legalities that must be followed in a situation like this, many of them contingent on a myriad of variables which I just plain don’t know at this point.
                The goal is to re-open under new management as soon as possible, whether that is 10 days or 20 days or something else, again, can only be determined as we receive information.
                I will send out information as soon as it becomes available. If you know any members who want included in these e-mails, tell them to request it at this address.
                Although we will not raise anyone’s rates, new paperwork would have to be filled out as it would be a new operating company and bank.
                At this time the gym is technically still under lease, and I don’t have access to it.  The previous owners would need to be contacted to get any items from the locker rooms.
                We regret this unfortunate situation and will move as quickly as the law will allow. You will be immediately informed at every step.

                Thank you.

Kyle and I were just beyond shocked, Jim never contacted Kyle to let him know this was going on and Kyle can't get a hold of him.  Kyle believes that the person that sent the email is a guy that had bought into Max Fitness with Jim and his wife.  So we are assuming that Jim and his wife sold out to this other Kyle, Kyle is going to try to get in contact with him and see what is going on.

How sad that things went this way, back to square one for Kyle with working at a gym and for now we will be training at home.  I did send my own email to the mystery person that sent it out, just letting them know I was disappointed and am anxious for any news as I'm training for a figure competition and I need my gym!

I hope we don't have to try to find another place, I loved how quiet this gym was, the people that worked out there, it's just really and beyond strange.

I've never experienced something like this with a gym, hopefully they get their shit figured out!  Gym Griffin only has free weights and bands, but we'll make it work for as long as we have to!

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