Monday, May 20, 2013

HOT Volleyball

It was HOT and HUMID last night for volleyball!  I wish we could have at least a few weeks of spring weather before this crap, but nope.

Saturday night I went out for my sisters' birthday and had some beers, stupid, stupid beers.  They were yummy but I was dehydrated Sunday of course, I know real big shocker.

I drank lots of water throughout the day, but I had a bad feeling knowing how hot and humid it was, that is was going to be a rough night of volleyball for me.

I was right, that first night of it being so humid out that you feel like the air is too thick to be able to breathe properly, so hot that all you do is sweat and then stop sweating because you are dehydrated.

I will say that we played pretty well, besides our damn serves, seriously if we could get all of our serves over and in we would be just fine!  The games were all close again in doubles, but we couldn't pull out a win.

Four's was the same, we did win one game but we should have won all three. I was so completely exhausted for four's, I feel like I played horribly and at that point I wasn't sweating anymore and was completely covered in goosebumps.

Time to get back on my medication to help me retain fluids for the summer, drink a gallon of water a day and have some Powerade on top of that.

My week off from weight training was weird, but I know it did my body good.  I'm ready to get back at it, a month and a half to go before there will be NO CHEATING allowed with my dieting!

I've had some mental issues with my body this week, I felt flabby and gross, I know I'm not but that's how I felt.  Saturday night when I went out my family all told me how fit I look, it was so sweet.  How funny that you can see yourself in such a different light than everyone else.  Mindy assured me that it must be because I look at my body every day, so it is harder for me to see the changes.

She is right I'm sure, Kyle just shakes his head at me and tells me to stop worrying about it.  I know a lot of it is the "guilt" feeling of taking a week off, when I cheat on my diet, the normal stuff :)

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