Monday, January 27, 2014

15 Weeks!!!

This weekend hit the 15 week mark, woo hoo!!!  My weight has been fluctuating by about three pounds, not too worried about it, we won't be doing my body fat again until next week.  I'm hoping that it stayed the same or went down a little bit.

I took some pictures, nothing fancy, just a couple of selfies at home.  My weight came back in my boobs and tummy.  I've started adding in more cardio, mostly I will be running.  Training for the Dam to Dam run at the end of May, and then doing hill sprints or the step mill once a week.

I did my first run yesterday, it has been months since I ran, I was able to do 2 miles at a 10 minute mile pace, pretty happy with that!  Also that was after I totally killed my arms and was already tired :)

So here I am 15 weeks out.

As you can see I'm a bit puffy, I've grown, I'm about 16 pounds heavier than I was at the competition in October.  I wish the lighting was better because it does not do justice for the booty I am growing ;)  My mid section is the part that "annoys" me the most, nutrition and cardio will get that area slimmed down fairly quickly.

Currently my goal is to be down to about 141 pounds in three weeks, that way I only have about 10 pounds to "lose" in 12 weeks for the competition.  My goal over these last couple of months has been to gain muscle, so hopefully I can be the same weight I was for the last competition but have more size to me.

Yesterday was food prep day I made 48 oz of brussel sprouts, four sweet potatoes, one butternut squash, three dozen hard boiled eggs, 20 oz ground turkey, 30 oz chicken breast and 50 oz tilapia.  I have frozen broccoli and carrots that steam in the bag so I didn't have to make those at least :)  It was quite the evening of food prep, feels good to have it all measured out and just waiting to be reheated! 

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