Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WTH....Icky Weekend

Friday's leg workout was "easier" than Tuesdays, it was more of an active recovery workout.  We did 15 stiff legged deadlifts, no weight on the bar, then 20 side squats, again no weight on the bar.  We did this four times, then had a really good ab and stretching session.

David did more than 15 deadlifts on his last set and I had to give him crap for it.  I was overly ambitious on Tuesday and look what it did to me, I didn't want him in the same pain regretting doing too much even though at the moment it didn't feel like too much.

Saturday we headed to the gym for chest, when David was getting out of the car he tweaked his lower back.  I mean he couldn't move, I'm sitting there trying to figure out what the hell to do.  He is a big guy, just so tall and built and I'm pretty small so imagining me trying to get him moved from the driver side of the car to the passenger side seemed nearly impossible, especially with the icy parking lot.  Eventually we got him home, he was able to drive.  I worked on his lower back a bit and could tell he totally tweaked his right side, it was so tight.  I got him all setup to be comfy with a heating pad on his couch, some pain killers and I headed home.  My mind was not in gym mode anymore, it had been snowing and finally kind of stopped so instead I shoveled our driveway.  Our damn snow blower is broken, we have a large driveway, it sucked.

Then I had a nice break from the craziness with Carley :)  I attempted to show her examples of posing, kind of hard to do in my house and would have been much better in the exercise room at the gym, but I think she understands the poses at least.  I love her passion and drive, she is a girl on a mission!

Sunday I decided to go to the gym for chest and arms, double up since I missed Saturday.  I did my warm up and then started with flat bench dumbbell chest press.  I did my lighter weight and felt great, started with my heavy weight and felt a pain in my right pec.  I decided to keep going, the pain got worse and then I made myself rack the weights and leave the gym.

I was in tears when I got home, from the pain and the frustration.  What was going on???  This is NOT a time for me to get injured.  I have tennis elbow in my right arm and now my right pec is in searing pain.  You could feel how tight everything was from my armpit to my pec, the left side was much looser.  So I iced it, took some ibuprofen and tried to relax.  

Yesterday the pain was much less and thankfully there is no bruising, I'm 99% certain I didn't tear anything.  I rested again yesterday, I was tired, grumpy and wanted to spend the day playing with Bella, giving my body another day to rest.

Today I'm still in pain, mostly my elbow again.  I will be heading to the gym tonight for arms and back, hopefully all goes well.  I'm too scared to train my chest this week, that will have to wait until Saturday.

I was reminded of one thing I don't do properly, warm up.  I do five minutes on the elliptical and go lift, clearly I need to do some other form of warming up like jumping jacks, arm circles, stretch, etc.  I'm so impatient, time to stop being that way though.

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