Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SOOOO Much Food!

I am having a really hard time getting down all of my breakfast and dinner.  I know my appetite will increase and eventually I will be able to eat it all, but holy cow!

My niece Carley is doing a competition in May, just a week after mine, how fun to have some in my family doing this at the same time I am!  I just wish she didn't live in North Carolina, would be even more awesome if she and Zach were here.  I will be helping her out with her nutrition planning tonight, I'm so excited to help her reach her goal!

I just had to take a picture of my dinner last night and send it to her, granted I won't always be eating this much but over the next six weeks while I'm still building like I am I HAVE to get all these calories in.  Actually I still might be on higher calories since I'm adding in half marathon training this time around.....didn't think about that!

Here was last nights dinner, a pound of brussel sprouts and 12 ounces of ground turkey.  I can have other vegetables as well, I just really wanted brussel sprouts.  Hated them so much as a kid and now I love them, granted fresh ones are way better than the frozen ones!

Well you get to see a sideways photo I guess, I couldn't finish it all and probably only got 3/4 of it down.  One amazing thing with all this yummy, healthy food, no more cravings at night for anything sweet and I'm not hungry anyway :)  Although I do like having my blueberry tea at night, relaxes me a bit.

I am having issues with my sleep at the moment, I just can't get my mind to shut off and let me get to sleep!  Sleep is so, so important for my body to recover.  I've been feeling really off, extremely sore, grumpy and exhausted.  I'll be trying some Melatonin tonight to see if that helps, I really hope it does, this girl NEEDS her sleep!

Yesterday was shoulders, my elbow was sore before we began and man did it take a beating!  Today I can barely do anything with my right arm, will be icing it again tonight, stretching, taking ibuprofen and will be doing a double workout in the morning of arms and back.

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