Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Mental Game

I think of myself as a strong person, physically rather than mentally.  I let stressors get to me way more than I should, they pop up in my life far more often than I care for and a lot of the time it is something out of the blue that slaps me in the face.

I read Fat Loss By Mind Power from Fighter Diet once and will be reading it again, probably a few times.  Great advice in there on how to mentally reach your goals and get through those tough moments.

Today is a tough moment, last night was a major tough moment where I found myself thinking, ok Steph another bump in the road STOP letting it take you down!  Last year I overcame many obstacles and still achieved my goal, I CAN DO IT AGAIN!  Actually I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

Six days of heavy lifting is taking a toll on my body, only a week and a half left of it and we'll get back to lifting a couple body parts a week.  That is also when I begin my 20k training, I'm actually really looking forward to that.  Running again, being lost in my own world, especially on my long runs.  Sure some of them will have to be indoors on the damn treadmill, unless it magically gets warmer I'm not one to run outside if it is below 20 degrees and windy, I'm a wimp like that ;)

One of the toughest things for me at this moment is to not compare myself to others.  It is so HARD, I know there is no one out there like me, we are all very different and we all achieve different results of course.  The past couple of days I've felt like a failure, not making it to the gym because of my stupid pec.  I was going to go last night but I allowed my mental state to take control and didn't go.  I DID do food prep though, didn't get it done this weekend, so that is a big plus.  Especially since chicken breast was on sale and I got 10 pounds for about $16 :)

Back on track today, sorry for the downer, we can't have upbeat positive days every day.  I'm looking forward to working out with Kyle tonight, David will be out of commission for a while, that makes me sad, not the same without him.

Time for me to get back on track, take deep breaths often, be there for my family, stop letting outside factors affect me so much.


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