Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Weeks, LEGS!

Oh my goodness, so actually the competition is 6.5 weeks away today!  We took my body fat on Saturday and it went down to 14.6%, yay!!!  I had a cheat meal on Saturday, that will be my last one.  The diet will be pretty plain and not exciting in any way from here on out.

I'm not looking forward to it but then again I am, to know exactly what I need to eat each day will be helpful.  This will be a true test of my will power, I really, really want my body fat to be about 9% - 10% for the competition.  I know that is going to be tough and take a whole lot of discipline with my diet and making sure I get my cardio workouts in.

Speaking of cardio, I know the step mill is a great workout, it is intense and a really good one for the glutes and legs.  Last night I did an intense leg workout and then 25 minutes on the step mill.  HOLY CRAP.  I did intervals on the step mill, level 15 for the high interval and level 7 for the low interval, it only goes up to level 20 but there was no way I could go about level 15 with my legs already so tired.  

I was sweating my ass off, so gross, I really hate how much I sweat.  When I was lifting there was a woman in the gym, full makeup, hair done and so much perfume that I felt like I could taste it when she was by me.  It was horrid.  Besides choking on perfume for most of my lifting work out it was a great workout.  I can get so low on my squats now, I've been stretching more and that is helping a lot.  I know I could actually let my butt touch the floor and get back up if I wanted to, but I don't have to go quite that low ;)

We're heading into the final stretch, I should be seeing changes in my body weekly, like more muscle tone, my abs showing more.  I can tell a difference in my legs, finally :)

I still have moments when I think I look just like I always have, I've had a couple moments wondering if I should continue on with this.  It is so hard to not have self doubt, but with the wonderful people around me they help bring me out of those darker moments.  Last night I did video of my sister Mindy and some of the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show (how cool that she is going to be in the production here!), anyway as I stood in the back taking video I did notice my muscles in the tank top I was wearing.  My arms looked pretty defined, it made me feel good and know that the hard work is paying off.

I do have to remind myself that I am doing this competition for ME, it is a goal I've always dreamed of and no matter what I'm going to have fun and enjoy my moment! changed the workout tracker, it doesn't copy right on here so I'll just type out what I did :)

Seated Leg Curls
70lbs x 12 reps, 5 sets

Seated Calf Raise
90lbs x 15 reps, 1 set
115lbs x 10 reps, 4 sets

Front Barbell Squat
40lbs x 12 reps, 5 sets

Back Extensions
25lb plate x 12 reps, 5 sets

Barbell Deadlift
60lbs x 12 reps, 5 sets

Step Ups Holding Plates
35lb plate in each hand x 6 step ups each leg, 5 sets

And of course ended it with my killer 25 minute step mill cardio :)

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