Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 Days - No Carb Day

Here we are just four days away, eeeck!!!!!!!!  I am down another pound, I am at 136 right now, pretty sure I will be below my goal weight, I'm hoping to do body fat tonight, I'm really curious to know where I'm at.

Today is the dreaded "no carb" day, can't believe I'm going to do it tomorrow too, but I can get through it!  I will say my energy level is extremely low and I'm not gonna lie I'm very, very hungry.  Ignoring my growling tummy and the food at home is the toughest thing ever.  Just a reminder, this is by no means something to try to maintain I do this for this week only, and I will try to slowly gain back some weight and body fat, hopefully keep my maintenance around 16% body fat, especially since I plan on continuing competing.

I'm not like some other competitors either who swear off bad food forever, I love me some cheeseburgers, french fries, anything fried really and sweets, I will never completely give it up because I wouldn't enjoy life that way!

We'll see how my depletion workout goes tonight, I'm leaning out so much that at least I don't have to do any more cardio this week and after tomorrow no workouts at all.  I will do posing those days, keep my muscles active that way and continue to work my butt off on the dreaded back pose.  That has been the hardest for me to hold for more than a minute, I think once I'm on stage and have had two days of rest and carb loaded on Friday it will be way easier to hold the poses on Saturday.

I have a lot of family and friends coming to support me on Saturday, some have just let me know and I'm humbled by how many want to come watch me!  Like I said before I'm so extremely emotional right now and the outpouring of support is insane, it's helping me a lot.  I've proved to myself that I CAN do this, I will actually be standing on a stage competing on Saturday, so surreal.

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