Friday, October 4, 2013

8 Days - Thrown For A Loop!

Yesterday proved to be a "difficult" day.  I was messaging the promoter of the competition and because this competition is small they are allowing some leway with the t-walk, you can do more than five poses.  Here is what the NANBF says about the t-walk:


Each competitor walks individually. Competitors will walk stage left, stage right, center stage and then exit. (or at promoters discretion), Judges will award Best Presenter / Poser to the athlete that not only presents their physique in the best manner, but brings an energy and excitement to the walk within their given time.

I asked the promoter if I should stop in the center first and then walk to the side and he said, "sounds good to me!".  Not really the answer I wanted but I decided to go ahead and do that, I added another pose.

It stressed me out finding out that information, even though the t-walk doesn't count towards your score for placing, just a chance to win for best walk presentation, it is still nerve racking to change it up at the last minute. Another silly, stupid event that shouldn't have even occurred happened yesterday.  I swear in any big event in my life there is ALWAYS something that happens close to it to bring me down and make me emotional and cry.  I'm emotional as it is, probably wouldn't have cried about it under normal circumstances but I am in no way under normal circumstances.

So last night I didn't lift, Kyle didn't want me wasting a workout when I was emotionally exhausted and not in the right mind set.  I did go to the gym at 8:30pm to meet with David and change up my t-walk, the good news is that we love it even more now, I got to add in a pose I wanted to do but couldn't figure out where to add it in, so yay!  He made me laugh, we had a great time and made me realize that I need to focus on myself, as selfish as that sounds, for the next 8 days.  Surround myself with those who will be positive influences and continue to help encourage me as I reach my goal.

Today's nutrition is still the same, it won't change until Monday, I realized that I really enjoy having my swai filet for dinner on a bed of spinach leaves with a little balsamic vinegar, the spinach helps to fill me up a bit more and I would have to eat like an entire bag for there to be any carbs, yay spinach :)

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