Thursday, October 10, 2013

Polygraph DONE!

I was so crazy nervous and had myself all worked up over the dang polygraph!  The guy doing it was super nice and tried to help me relax, haha, wasn't gonna happen.

He actually gave me two questions before hand that he would ask me and I had to lie on my answer, one was, have you ever lied to someone with authority? LOL, had to say no to that for my lie!

I passed with flying colors, this girl has never taken steroids, human growth hormone or prescription diuretics. I met a couple other competitors there, they were heading out for burgers. So. Jealous. With my diet of course no sodium today or tomorrow.

Tonight with my dinner I got to have one cup of brown rice, that is a lot of rice! I felt so full and a bit bloated, hopefully there will be no tummy in the morning!

I got the final supplies for Bella's birthday party, planning on baking tomorrow, might be a little tough but I can do it! :) Tonight at dance I glanced down at my arms and holy veins!!!  More veins now than there were this morning, proving the low water and no sodium are working :)

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