Monday, October 7, 2013

6 Days!

I seriously can't believe it is already the week of the competition!!!!  I may be freaking out just a tad bit, questioned my diet plan changed it up a bit, no carbs tomorrow OR Wednesday now.  Slowly adding in a few carbs on Thursday and more on Friday, depletion workouts today, tomorrow and Wednesday since I didn't do one yesterday, oops.

My depletion workouts will just be lighter weights with more reps, the idea is to push the glycogen out of my muscles which you do when you are on low or no carbs.  Then when I cut down my water on Thursday and Friday and slowly add carbs back in they should go straight to my muscles to "pump" them up.  I hope and pray this all works!

These workouts will be tough, even with lighter weights, just because I won't have the carbs to help push me through them.  I'm still taking BCAA during them to help me out.  I really am not too worried about going carb free for two days, this is the end and I want to do well so badly, it will be worth it!

Yesterday I did my mock competition for 12 family members, some of my cousins can't make it this weekend, it was NERVE RACKING.  David did my hair and Mindy did my makeup, I felt beautiful, but walking out in front of my family members in that tiny bikini, I was terrified.  I really don't think I'll be nearly as nervous Saturday in front of judges, an auditorium full of people, especially since I'll be standing with other women!

It went well, I did my t-walk a few times, my nerves really got to me the first time.  Of course everyone said I look amazing and they are so proud of me and can't believe the progress I have made.  My parents made me cry, they are just so proud of me, it was extremely emotional.  Hopefully I'm not a big cry baby this weekend, I really am super excited!

I will have some photos to post, we have to darker with the makeup under my eyes, it looks white in the photos, I'm glad we did a practice run!

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