Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Final Workout

I took today, Thursday and Friday off work and I am beyond happy that I did. With the competition Saturday and Bella's birthday party Sunday there is lots to do and I am EXHAUSTED.

Yesterday was no carbs, today was low carbs. I got up and ate my normal breakfast of tilapia and egg whites.  No more egg whites in the carton though because of the sodium.  I cleaned the carpet downstairs, wiped down surfaces with good smelling Mr Clean Gain scented cleaner, had the windows open music blaring, got a lot of cleaning done, at least the most strenuous stuff.  I walked to Bella's school and picked her up, it is nice to be able to walk good, low key cardio over these next three days for me.

Then it was time for the gym with David.  Posing and t-walk practice first then a depletion workout for my arms and abs and finally just 15 minutes on the treadmill with an incline and a good pace.  I was so tired before we even started posing, David was shocked by how much I've changed since Sunday.  He said there is nothing to me but muscle, glad I look this way even now when my muscles are "flat".  Still having some issues doing the mandatory back pose, I really hope when I have more energy that it gets easier.  I can pretty much do the t-walk in my sleep, both directions, and David said today even though I was so tired it was the best yet he can tell my confidence is so much higher and my walking has more attitude to it :)

I was happy to get home and have some tilapia and asparagus for dinner.  I'm down to 135 pounds, we'll see if I lose any more this week, but I'm thinking it will stop as I increase carbs tomorrow and decrease protein.  Tomorrow my water intake goes from 162 oz to 80 oz, I'm looking forward to that only because I shouldn't be having to pee every hour!  I will also cut out sodium, we will see how my body reacts, if I start to feel light headed at all I will allow a little bit of sodium back in.  These next two days are the trickiest for my body since I don't retain fluids well and I process everything so quickly, I think that is one reason I've leaned out so much, well because of the diet too, but I truly feel just the way my body is it has helped me lean out like crazy in three days.

There is still a lot to think about, I look forward to sharing about my polygraph experience tomorrow, David painting me Friday.  Good thing we are so close, I will be buck naked with him putting Jan Tana tanner on me for about two hours Friday night!

It is 7:30 and I am going to bed, looking forward to 12 hours of sleep tonight to help recharge my body!

Been bad about taking photos but here we go, basically just two days out :)

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