Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bingeing, Planning

So this week I was told to take it easy, don't stress about food, enjoy eating pretty much what I want and be ready to get some groceries this weekend, food prep on Sunday and get back on track next week.

Oy, I've been eating like I was starved for days.  I've been pretty good during the day actually, oatmeal with protein in the morning, an apple and some peanut butter for morning snack, a bad lunch, a good afternoon snack and not the worst food for dinner.  My lunches have been bad though, I still love my naughty fast food and have had it for lunch this week.  I've really enjoyed it, super yummy stuff, I am looking forward to getting back on track though and having that stuff every once in a while.  

I can't decide if me going crazy with food this week has really been bad or good, kind of both I think.  Good in the sense that I'm actually craving my chicken, fish and veggies and that if I see another mini candy bar I may vomit.  Bad in the sense of weight gain, I know a lot of what I gained back is water weight, but amazing how quickly that severe definition of your muscles can go away.  I'm not sad or upset about it though, I figured this is how I would be the week after the competition and thankfully I really mentally prepared myself for it.  Knowing it won't take more than a week or two to feel really back on track once I start eating better six days a week, having one cheat day and am working out like I should be with added cardio days, I'll bounce back quickly :)

I've decided I'm going to try the newly popular Fighter Diet craze, they have a competition prep book loaded with stuff about nutrition, posing, lots of stuff and it isn't badly priced.  My nutrition is the main thing I want some "help" with, not that I was bad with it, just wanting some more ideas and it includes different peak week plans.  I know that I will not be one that should cut sodium out and shouldn't cut my water so drastically.  In a sense I feel kind of lucky, to have this wacky body I have, it really needs those things constantly and shows me how pissed it can be by cutting those items out by making me look "softer" ;)

Lots more research to do for myself and Kyle, we'll get it all figured out!

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