Thursday, October 10, 2013

All Shaved

Ok, worst part of competition prep.....shaving your entire body!  

First off don't do this in a shower, run a nice relaxing bath and enjoy yourself, if possible.  Maybe do a practice run sometime beforehand with whoever is helping you. Kyle didn't know how hard to press with the razor, didn't want to cut me on my bones, it was not fun. 

Kyle obviously had to shave my back and my bum for me, I did the rest, so weird shaving your belly and chest, seriously. I know we need someone to come look at out water heater you can barely get two showers in a row before the water gets cold.  I put things off, this was another life lesson for Steph.  Kyle was in the shower right before I needed to shower, he had to go to work, did we plan this well? Um, NO.  So I get about halfway done and the water is getting cold, I shut it off and resort to filling a big cup and rinsing my razor in that warm water and move forward.  It sucked so bad, I get done, get all dried off and thankfully for some reason feel my lower back and can feel the hair there.  Damn peach fuzz hairs, so I yell for Kyle and standing by the sink he shaves my back again with plenty of light this time.

It felt so good to rub lotion all over my poor skin.  Then I think about tomorrow night when we do my tan and I'm going to have multiple fans on me, the air conditioner on because we want it to dry in like 30 minutes and for that to happen I have to have cool air on me the entire time.  Goosebumps = stubble, hopefully it won't be too bad.

Time for bed, hopefully I can actually get some sleep tonight because I know I won't get much tomorrow night!  Still feeling excited though :)

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