Friday, October 25, 2013

Flex Friday!

This flex Friday group photo was a fun one, we each got to pick our own pose but it had to be one while lifting :)

I've been under the weather, I went to the doctor on Tuesday and found out that I had a really, really bad case of strep throat AND sinus infection.  At least there was a good reason I was feeling so awful!

I have to say I about crapped my pants when I stepped on the scale, I did have on my coat, clothes and shoes but still, holy crap!  My doctor assured me that she was not concerned in any way, my clothes still fit the same, she thinks I look really thin, it's just a number and one I should ignore (to an extent) with all the weight lifting, muscle does weigh more than fat :)

She gave me some meds and I am still on the mend.  She feels, as I do, that my body got pretty worn down from the final week of competition prep, the weather changes and I just got hit hard.

No working out until Monday, need to let my body rest and recover.  Although tomorrow night I will be going to The Rocky Horror show, I can't wait!  My little sister Mindy is in it as one of the phantoms, it is going to be a great night.  Planning on carving pumpkins tonight with Bella, eating some soup for dinner, getting to bed early and resting tomorrow before getting all dressed up for a fun night :)

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