Saturday, March 16, 2013

Abs, Chest & Back

We get to the gym and Kyle has me do my warm up on the eliptical, when I get off he has me take my heart rate.  That was my sign, he now knows the actual date of the show, he isn't working out WITH me but rather training me and then doing his workout after he's done training me.  The true, serious trainer in Kyle has come out and is ready to kick my ass into the best shape of my life.

We start with abs, ugh, freaking abs, I don't know why I hate them so much but I do.  Probably because I've never had the strongest abs, I'm sure once I see them getting more defined maybe, just maybe I will get into it more.  I did love doing abs at one point in my life, when my bestie Stephie and I worked out together at 24 Hour Fitness, we were tough ass chicks rocking out some awesome ab routines :)

Let me take it back a sec, before we did abs my hear rate wasn't high enough so I did some line jumps, tires and jumping jacks, I was sweating my butt off before abs.  We get through abs and I'm a sweaty mess, we're like 20 minutes into the workout!

Then he had me hit it hard with the chest and back workout, I lifted to the point of fatigue on every exercise and he pushed me to do even a couple more on each exercise.  It was a GREAT workout, I'm tired typing this out ;)

I get home and Kyle had already texted me, "make sure you have a protein shake right away!!!".  My response, "already drinking one :)".  His response, "atta girl :)".

Kyle stated that today was "day 1", whoo it kicked my butt!

I did all the grocery shopping last night, I'm going to try to do it every Friday after work, I get off at 4pm and if I get home pick up Bella and we head out we can have it done and put away by 5:30.  She is the best shopping buddy :)  On my list of foods I got yams, spinach, carrots, pears, bananas, strawberries, cucumber, almonds, good things.  I already have at home LOTS of chicken breasts and various types of fish.  I'm not necessarily "dieting" just getting back into the clean eating with a good ratio of protein, carbs and healthy fats.

We'll take my body fat at the end of the week, I'm expecting it to have gone up a little bit since the last couple of weeks haven't been the greatest for exercising and I was naughty with my food choices, but maybe I'll be surprised!

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