Monday, March 25, 2013

Shoulders & Arms

For this workout my bestie David joined us, it was fun, although he really can't be making me laugh while I'm trying to do shoulder presses ;)

I feel like we lifted a lot, did a lot of exercises, I was so tired when we were done and I really thought my arms were going to explode, weird but it is a great feeling!

I even got to have a Hawaiian wrap from Nutri-Sport, YUMMY, seriously they have the best wraps.  We needed some protein and I hadn't eaten yet that day so I needed the extra calories :)

We also went shopping afterwards, I LOVE TJ Maxx for workout clothes, I usually can find some cheap stuff.  I got a cute hot pink dry fit long sleeve shirt for $7 and a tank top for $5, yay me :)

We ended up skipping Sunday's workout because, well I went out Saturday night for my cousin's 30th birthday, I didn't intend to drink much but I ended up having way too many jager bombs, which caused the sidewalk to trip me on the way to the car and scrape up my arm, thankfully I had David to drive me home :)

So Sunday was a recovery day, but I did get out to the store and get groceries for the week, it wasn't completely useless.

Today is another rest day because I am still totally dehydrated so Kyle wants me to take one more day off.

I've said before that I have no dizzy spells, no funny heart palpitations, since working out like I am and eating so well.  I'm glad I don't drink very often because holy cow it completely dehydrates me and I have had some dizzy spells.  I should have drank water while I was drinking alcohol, lesson learned!

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