Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cardio - Run

It was beautiful out today, about 40 degrees, sunny, just a tad bit of wind, perfect conditions for a run :)

I got some new shoes, they are New Balance, my brother-in-law told Kyle and I about this awesome website for discount New Balance shoes, check it out!  The only downfall and my BIL will not like this BUT I always had Nike shoes before because I have the Nike+ program and my chip fits in the sole of Nike shoes.  I now have to find, which it will be easy, a clip that holds the chip on my shoe I just didn't think about it before my first run today.

The run was good, very good actually, I just have no idea how far I ran or what my pace was.  All I know is that I ran for about 27 minutes, I never had the urge to walk and I felt like I could keep going.  Not bad for not having ran in about six months.  Sadly I know I couldn't have done it on a treadmill, I just despise running on a treadmill I can't stand it!  Being outside and actually going somewhere is so much more fun for me.  Eventually we will be doing cardio on a treadmill but that will be intervals like I do on the elliptical.

So happy this run went so well, I need to keep it up because I'm doing a Color Run in Des Moines in July, and possibly the Run the Flood race again this year as long as it isn't the same weekend as my Angel's reunion, although I could always just go for a run in Minnesota if it is :)

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