Thursday, March 14, 2013

Water - Lots of it!

I've always been a big water drinker, my body doesn't retain fluids very well and per my cardiologist I try to get in about 90 - 100 oz a day.  I'm not the best with it, some days I get it all in, some days I don't.  The really bad days when I only get in about 30 oz, well I pay for those days and beat myself up for it every time it happens.

Now with the training I'm going to be doing I am supposed to try to get in a gallon of water a day.  Only like 28 oz more than what I need a day anyway, not much more, right?

Oy, it seems like so much more!  I have a 24 oz shaker that I'm using to help me keep track, so essentially I need to try to get in 5 1/2 shakers full of water every day.  My overly dramatic self sometimes feels like I'm drowning myself and I have to pee about 50 times a day it seems.

I've been trying to think of how to "spice" up my water with natural ingredients.  A few weekends ago Kyle and I had dinner at a nice steakhouse and their water had some slices of lemon AND cucumber in it.  I loved it!  Then I found a recipe for "sassy water", it helps eliminate a buildup of contaminants, fat and excess water weight.  I really did like it, but I have to admit that by day four I wasn't enjoying it quite so much, not sure if it was the ginger or the mint.  I didn't really notice and weight loss, but I'm not really trying to lose any weight.

I decided a couple nights ago to have a pitcher of water for myself with just cucumber slices and lemon slices in it, for me it is perfect.  The hint of cucumber and lemon is refreshing and yummy, I get in about 96 ounces of water every day just at work :)

I have noticed a difference in the weeks of drinking so much and keeping track, my skin is wonderful, my hair seems to be growing faster and I have more energy.  Amazing what a good amount of water can do for you, and again I'm very lucky, not having to worry about water weight.  In the end I think my lack of water retention will help me for the competition.

Kyle was happy to know the date for the show, we have plenty of time to get me ready, it just made it more real for him to know the actual date too :)

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