Friday, March 22, 2013

Abs, Chest & Back

Last night after work we headed to the gym for another great workout.  It was a lot of push ups and band work.

I don't mind push ups, I'm getting stronger and am able to do more, Kyle had me do four variations, then we used the bands for some tough back work.  I will admit some of the back exercises were a bit awkward, squatting while pulling on the bands but it really made me focus on keeping my core tight!

After we left the gym we had to stop by Target for a few things, Kyle got a little Totino's pizza for dinner.  I just had to glare at him when he said that was what he was having, pizza is my favorite and cheese Totino's pizzas are by far one of my FAVORITES.  It brings back amazing memories of my days in Seattle when Stephanie and I would eat that for dinner and then have some Healthy Choice vanilla ice cream, one of our favorite meals :)

I really need to work on relaxing my neck more while I lift, it is so hard for me.  I woke up this morning with a really tight neck, but didn't let it stop me from getting in another workout :)

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