Wednesday, March 13, 2013

October 12th!!!

The Best of the Midwest announced the date for their show this year, October 12th!!!  Yes this is the show that I am planning on competing in, having the date set makes it so much more real for me.  Knowing I have PLENTY of time to physically and mentally prepare myself makes me feel at ease :)

That is going to be one kick ass weekend, October 12th is also my mom's birthday, I'm sure she won't mind spending it watching her daughter walk on a stage in a bikini and heels ;)  I know I'll be ready to go out and celebrate my mom that night and hopefully celebrate a major accomplishment for myself.

October 13th is of course Bella's birthday, so that is going to be one CRAZY and intense weekend for us.  I will have to really plan ahead this year and make sure I have Bella's birthday stuff all done before that weekend, she does know she wants to have a Scooby Doo party this year, it should be an easy one to put together :)

Woo hoo, I'm so excited!!!!!!!  My training this week has been bad, I was hit with a sinus infection, but I'm finally feeling better and will be back at the gym tomorrow morning.

Daylight savings has kind of thrown me off, I know it doesn't make much sense since it was dark when we had to get up for the gym anyway.  For some reason it feels so much earlier, I did try to get up this morning but allowed myself one more day to rest, but no rest for me tomorrow.

7 months to go!

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