Monday, March 18, 2013

Abs, Shoulders & Arms

As we walked into the gym this morning, with crappy snow falling around us, Kyle said, "hey we were just here 12 hours ago!".  Yes, yes we were.

After a killer plyo workout I was ready to go at 4:30 this morning for my weight training day.  I could tell I was tired, funny how tired my arms were this morning after plyo's yesterday.

We did abs first, they weren't as tough as I thought they would be, I figured my abs would be killing me after plyo's but it wasn't too bad.  One good thing I did last night and plan to do every Sunday night is take a nice warm bath with lavender epsom salts, 20 minutes soaking in that = AH-MAZING!!!

I'm doing great on my abs, my reps are up and I don't really get too tired as we get through the routine.  I can see a big change, for all you mommy's out there you know what I'm talking about when it come to the little "pooch".  Mine has come and gone over the years, obviously as I worked out more it got smaller, then I would slack off, eat like crap and it wasn't so small anymore.  I can tell you that it is almost gone, almost!!!  I also have some stretch marks, thankfully mine are light colored but fairly deep, I've been using Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream in the morning and evening and let me tell you it totally works.  I've tried so many different creams, one was a very expensive and it did nothing for me.  The exercising and crazy consumption of water also help, but I'm sure they will be gone in a few months :)

Getting through the lifting was a little more difficult this morning, like I said before I was just tired.  I got through it though, pushed myself hard and made Kyle proud.

I'm really trying to make sure I'm eating every 2-3 hours now, after my workout I had a chocolate protein shake, two scoops of vanilla protein, one scoop of chocolate powder, really yummy and exactly what I crave after a workout.  Reminiscent of my high school track days when my mom had to keep the fridge stocked with chocolate milk for me since that was all I wanted after practices :)

Today I've got a little fruit salad, tuna with tomato and a spinach salad with almonds, celery sticks with a scoop of natural peanut butter.  That should get me through the day and then I'll be enjoying some tilapia and yams for dinner tonight.  I got some Mrs. Dash seasoning to use on my fish and chicken, that will be pretty much all I use.

I'm not going hard core on the diet quite yet, sticking pretty close to what I'll be doing the last 12 weeks before the show, but I'm also allowed one good cheat day a week right now, yay :)

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