Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Forgot - Sand Volleyball!!!!!

I can't believe I forgot to add this into my last post BUT sign up for sand volleyball is MONDAY!!!!!  WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have our four's team, I was sad when my little brother Larry moved to Des Moines and I lost my doubles partner, and because I'd miss him of course!  Well yesterday I talked to one of the guys I play four's with and he wants to play doubles, so I'll be back to playing doubles AND four's on Sunday nights, it starts in April!

That will be great cardio, two hours of sand volleyball every Sunday night, I seriously can't wait.  I love, love, love it and I will be in such great shape this year, only a few more weeks to wait for it.  I don't even have to go sign us up Monday, it is insane here you seriously have to get there by like 6am to get decent time slots, so many people love to play but there aren't very many sand courts in our area.

Rather than me going Monday, Chris is signing us up, yay :)  Now if only it could warm up so the snow could get all melted off of the courts so they can get them ready.

Seriously Puxatony Phil, big FAIL this year!

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