Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 Mile Run

I did not get up and go to the gym this morning.  Last night I got all into signing up for the challenge on bodybuilding.com, it took me a while and then I just couldn't fall asleep.  The last time I checked the clock it was 2:30am and when the alarm went off at 4:30am I knew I just needed to reset it and go back to sleep.

So Kyle had me do a nice little run on my lunch hour.  The weather was perfect, 65 degrees, cloudy and even a few little sprinkles.  I felt kind of crappy, my cold isn't all the way gone yet and I struggled a bit at the end.  I chose a route that begins and ends with a large hill, but I ran the entire two miles.  My pace was 9:41 per mile, not too bad for having not ran in a little bit.

I did plenty of stretching and then enjoyed my lunch.  It is kind of crappy when I run on my lunch hour because I really can't eat very close to my runs, I feel the food jiggling around in my tummy and can't stand that.  So I think I also got a bit tired because I didn't eat enough in the morning.

Now on the subject of food, we went grocery shopping last night, got all good stuff.  I know I need to be cutting out sugar, but I have quite a love affair with greek yogurt.  I was so sad to see how much sugar there is in the kind that is my favorite, we did find one, Danon Light and Fit that had the lowest amount and Kyle said that would be alright for me to have.

The official start date for the challenge is June 17th, but of course I'll be working out and dieting before the start date even.  But I'm happy it is then so that this weekend I can truly enjoy myself with my Angels in Minnesota.  A wonderful group of ladies that I've been best friends with since high school.  We get together every year and this weekend I will be indulging in some yummy food and wine, I look forward to it since it will my last weekend to indulge so much for at least seven weeks :)

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