Monday, June 17, 2013

Lots Of Working Out!

Friday was leg day, it has been a LONG time since I've lifted legs.  How sad I can't quite remember everything I did, a good reminder that I need to be blogging every day no matter what :)  It was tough and my quads were extremely sore the entire weekend, I did not have good positioning on my front squats that's why the quads were crazy sore, lesson learned!

Saturday was abs, shoulders and arms.  I was very tired, we had to get up early and be to the gym by 7am, I was hanging out with friends until about 10pm on Friday night.  Even though I was tired I pushed so hard and Kyle was impressed with the good workout that I got.

Sunday was sand volleyball, Chris had a funeral and couldn't make it, so I had a sub for doubles but we did awesome and won all three games!  In four's we were short a player, Kyle filled in for Chris, Mindy was sick and her husband forgot to come play for her.  But even with just three of us we won two out of three!  It was a good day of volleyball :)

This morning was abs, chest and back.  My workout consisted of hammer strength incline press, hammer strength low row, hammer strength decline press, hammer strength lat pull, incline chest flies, bent over two dumbbell row with flip grip, hammer strength flat chest press, v-handle cable lat pull downs, split handle lat pull downs and pec deck machine flies.  

I did a lot and felt awesome!  My total weight lifted this morning, 12,500 pounds!!!!  Starting to lift some heavier weights, I can't wait until after all of these to see the total weight lifted from all of my workouts combined :)

I'm adding in some more breakfast so I'm not just having my protein shake in the morning, I'm needing more calories and yes more protein.

Breakfast: Protein shake - Synergex vanilla protein, Gaterade, three egg white scramble with mozzarella and greek seasoning.
Snack: Plain greek yogurt, three strawberries
Lunch: 2 ground turkey lettuce wraps, cottage cheese, string cheese
Snack: String cheese, banana
Dinner: Chicken breast, sweet potato, cottage cheese

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